Unicode Fonts


Hindi Unicode Fonts Converter  v.6.0.0

This tool is adept at converting font of text in different devnagri scripts like Hindi, Nepali, Marathi etc. from shusha or kruti to mangal font. Tool can convert shusha to kruti or kruti to shusha also. The tool provides high processing speed.

Unicode Phonetic Keyboard (UCL) -  v.1 10

The Unicode Phonetic Keyboard is an installable keyboard for Windows PCs that provides a convenient keyboard layout for the word-processing of phonetic transcription using Unicode fonts.



MUSAIOS uses the Unicode fonts included with Windows that support Polytonic Greek. It offers support for Unicode fonts, eliminating the need to install the WinGreek font.

BonGoLipi  v.201002031102

BonGoLipi (Bong-Go-Lipi) is a transliteration tool to convert phonetically typed Bengali (Bangla) into text displayable with Unicode or non-Unicode fonts.

PopChar  v.

PopChar is a character map program that helps you in selecting special characters from different fonts. It makes 'typing' of unusual characters easy without having to remember keyboard combinations.

MultiKey  v.5.0

MultiKey is a program that can define the keyboard layouts for any font. It has been designed especially for Ancient Greek diacritic marks, but keystroke combinations for other fonts can easily be defined. Layouts for many scripts are included.

Azhagi -  v.6. 2. 2007

Azhagi is a program that can transliterate English text into Tamil and vice versa. It can perform various transliterations either within its own interface, or in any version of Microsoft Word.

DynaPDF  v.2.0

Complete, dependency-free, royalty-free, PDF DLL component library for Windows to create, form fill, manipulate, and more with PDF files. True metafile (EMF) to PDF conversion. Supports multiple image types, unicode, 3 color spaces, text formating,

HindiTranslator  v.

Updat 1.4 (04-Oct-2012) * Unicode viewer scroller bug fixed. Now you can view more unicode text. Update 1.2 (16-Aug-2012) * Added Google Transliteration feature * Transliteration language support : Hindi, Punjabi, Bengali, Gujarati, Kannada,

IndicPlus - Adobe InDesign,InCopy Plugin  v.2.0

IndicPlus is an excellent Adobe InDesign and Adobe InCopy plug-in linguistically engineered for these powerful design and desktop publishing softwares.

Khmer Keyboards  v.1.0.2

Khmer Software Initiative - Localization of Open Source Software to Khmer language, development of Khmer documentation and training materials and country-wide distribution all over Cambodia.

Linguistic Tree Constructor  v.3.1.0

Program for building linguistic syntax trees from text. LTC (Linguistic Tree Constructor) is a free software for building linguistic syntax trees from text.The user points and clicks their way to a syntactic analysis.

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